Sonny Shroyer
"Enos Strait"
Sonny Shroyer Filmography
    Otis B. Sonny Shroyer was born on August 28, 1935, in Valdosta Georgia.  The town was noted for their local high school football team that chanced the name of the ton to Winnersville U.S.A.  Shroyer played tackle for the team during there two season that thet had a thirty-nine winning streak. 
     After high school, he was recruited to play football at Flordia State, but had to pass on the scholarship due to a knee and shoulder injury.  He they decided to attended the University of Georgia and majored in retail business.  While working at a clothing store in Atlanta, he was selected to appear as a baseball player in a Coca-Cola commercial.  Thus began a modeling career that led to roles in movies made all around Georgia.  Shroyer made his first big debut as a convict in
The Longest Yard and later appeared in The Farmer and The Lincoln Conspiracy with Ben Jones.  He also played as the motorcycle deputy in Smokey and the Bandit
     Shroyer appeared in eighteen films by the time that he successfully auditioned for the role of Enos.  The character Enos was so close to Shroyers' real life personally was that he was successful in getting the role of Enos.  Enos isn't dumb, just naive as Shroyers' personally was in life.
Information from the Dukes of Hazzard Unofficial Companion.
    Enos Strait the duputy in Hazzard County was the most honest man around.  He and the Duke boys all went to school together and their fathers ran moonshine.  Enos had a crush on Daisy, and had a rep of being the oldest virgin in Hazzard County.  Enos was a good ol' boy, like the Dukes and hated how Boss and Rosco ran deals crocked.