35th Anniversary Filming Sites
by  Jon Holland

All NOW photos taken December 2008 by Jon Holland.  All rights reserved. 
All THEN photos property of United Artists and affiliate companies. 

All of this information has been verified by Jerry Rushing and locals from the area.



                  THEN                                                                            NOW                   

   Boarsnest outside.



THEN                                                                            NOW

  Boarsnest inside.



THEN                                                             NOW

Bobby Lee and Beth driving away after backing up into the bar.



THEN                                                                               NOW  

Bobby Lee dying laughing as Beth looks at the damage done to her car.




THEN                                                                                 2004



What once was West Atlanta Speedway is now a neighborhood.  This is a shot from the back straight away.



THEN                                                                                NOW

Roy's barn where Bobby Lee and Zeebo loaded moonshine.



THEN                                                                                 NOW

Inside Roy's barn talking about the route they will run.