BOSS HOGG'S original hat.

Nudie Cohn Rodeo Tailor designed hat especially for Sorrell Booke.

Made by Stetson especially for Sorrell Booke. Worn on Dukes series.


Georgia crew t-shirt 1978 1983 Dukes crewshirt


Enos crew jacket


Enos crew shirt


Prototype Georgia Crew shirt


Second Unit Stunt jacket 1979


"ENOS" crew shirt


Dukes 2nd Unit crew shirt

Chris Mayer WB dressing room sign


WB car cards entry passes


2nd Unit crew coffee mug


"ENOS" WB car card entry passes


Georgia replica Martin Cougar II bow

Georgia replica Martin Warthog bow




John Schneider & Tom Wopat Dukes WB pay checks

RARE limited edition General Lees


Dukes of Hazzard General Store sign used in the store aisle's were Dukes of Hazzard toys were sold in 1981.  


Dukes of Hazzard movie display from Knoxville red carpet premiere.