Hazzard Museum includes almost every licensed toy product produced by Warner Brothers for The Dukes of Hazzard series.
  The museum includes very rare concept toy items, props from the show, original license plates, scripts, call sheets, Warner Bros. episode budget sheets, original uniforms & clothing, original car parts from Georgia & California junkyards, hundreds of behind the scenes pictures, over a hundred hours of video, behind the scenes, commercials, and original episodes, original film reels, hundreds of magazines, & newspaper articles, and much more. 
In addition, there are also props, behind the scenes photos, newspaper articles, promotional materials, scripts, call sheets, and production information from "Moonrunners," the 1975 film that preceeded The Dukes of Hazzard.


The Hazzard Museum also includes props from celebrity speed trap guests that appeared on the show. These items include a Waylon Jennings's dressing room door sign, a guitar pick, and much more.

A closer look at toy items.


All 7 complete series sets of Johnny Lightning vehicles.

                                            Extremely rare UK pedal car.




Every Georgia license plate known to still exist,
a few plates were extras never used.

     Original Lawman crew jacket and original Enos uniform shirt.


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