1969 Dodge Charger
General Lee
    Although the 1969 Dodge Charger General Lee had a lot of changes made to it throughout the show the average General Lee story book character was a 69 R/T charger with a 440 magnum.  The car took a complete 180 when Warner Bros. started producing the cars different then Atlanta Motor Pictures designed the early cars in Georgia.  Warner Bros. made the push bumper wider, painted the car huger orange, got rid of the center caps on the rims, changed position of the cb antenna, changed the license plate sticker and added Hazzard County to bottom of plate, changed the dimensions of the 01's, flag, and General Lee letters, changed the interior color to a sand stone beige, changed the design of the role cage inside the car, and striped the charger emblems from front of the grill.  Yes the General Lee had that much changed to him throughout the show that the average person doesn't notice.
General Lee was Bo and Luke Dukes car that was a moonrunner, race car, and family car all in one.  The General saved Bo and Luke most of the time from the law, which was none to smart in Hazzard County.  Bo and Luke could make the General perform just about any stunt they wanted him too.  Jumps, vertical driving, and doing a complete 180 in reverse, or 360 in the middle of hot pursuit.  There wasn't much the General Lee couldn't do.