Catherine Bach
"Daisy Duke"
Catherine Bach Filmography
    Catherine Bach was born in Warren, Ohio on March 1, 1955 and soon after moved to a tiny town of Faith, South Dakota.  Her parents divorced when Bach was six years old.  This effected her lifestyle by her spending winters with her father and summers at her mother's home in Los Angeles. 
     Bach's career choice was acting at the age of seven.  Her cousin Elena Verdugo, played nurse Consuelo Lopez on TV's
Marcus Welby, M.D. The more Bach got involved in acting, the more she liked it.  When Bach was fifteen she attended a drama school in California.  When Bach returned to South Dakota she was so far ahead of her classmates that she was asked to lecture in the college theater art department.  After Bach graduated in 1971 she left home at age sixteen and got a job as a Woolworth's salesgirl, to try her luck in Los Angeles. 
     In 1974 she was cast as a dancer in the film
The Midnight Man.  Bach also appeared in "Thunderbolt and Lightfoot."  Bach appeared in Chevrolet commercials and was a guest on the TV series Police Woman.  After that the offers stopped coming.
     Gy Waldron creator of
Moonrunners was partner with a man by the name of Bob Clark.  Clark was a friend of David Shaw, Catherine's husband at the time.  Clark suggested that Catherine should try out for the role of Daisy.  Producers wanted a blonde with the biggest boobs in town.  Bach had been told that her looks were to exotic for television.
     Bach's friend Barbara Anderson had told her to go try out for the role.  Waldron loved her immediately.  He took her over to CBS to read the lines and everyone loved her.  Thus they had found there "Daisy Duke."                                                                
Information from the Dukes of Hazzard Unofficial Companion.
    Daisy Duke was the sexy middle cousin to Bo and Luke Duke.  She could be a lady one minute and turn around and be a woman of many talents the next.  She was the type a woman that can fix a carburetor, race a car, and could win a beauty contest.  That's sweet Daisy.